Lip Fillers

Achieve plumpness and contoured lips with hylauronic acid injected into your lips with natural results.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

  • Lips dermal fillers application to achieve the client’s desired look.
  • Treatment and photos consent required.
  • Photos pre-post treatment taken.
  • Health history and allergies information required by the nurse and medical director.
  • The desired look will be discussed.
  • local numb cream or ice applied for 15 minutes before injecting.
  • Pre and post care discussed.
  • Required two weeks follow up appointment.
  • Only Fullness or only Contouring
  • Both fullness and contouring.
  • Minimum lip augmentation desired look.
  • Maximum lip augmentation desired look.
  • Lip syringe available full syringe (1ml) or half syringe (0.6ml).
  • Dermal lip fillers up to 4-6 months correction.
  • Side effects: Swelling, bruising and pain. Moderate swelling 2-4 days/mild swelling 1-2 day.

Please visit our section “Protocols” for more information.

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