Lip Fillers

Achieve plumpness and contoured lips with hylauronic acid injected into your lips with natural results.

Lips Fillers-Belotero

  • Treatment and photos consent required.
  • Health history and allergies information required.
  • Consultation initiated with nurse injector and Dr. Jim Maytham to discuss your treatment outcome.
  • Numb cream local  application to provide comfort and reduce pain.
  • Post care reviewed.
  • Two weeks follow up appointment recommended.
  • Lips treatment options: Full syringe (1ml)  full lips or Half syringe (0.6ml) mini-lips.
  • Dermal lip fillers up to 4-6 months effect.
  • Side effects: Local swelling, local bruising on the injection site and pain.
  • Moderate swelling 2-4 days/Mild swelling 1-2 day.  
  • Two weeks follow up recommended. 

Consultation Line

(226) 213-6267

Lips Fillers Consultation line

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Nurse Injector/Medical Aesthetics

Elizabeth Salcedo

People Say

My lips look very natural, love my lips!