Hair restoration with PRP

Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) treatment to increase collagen synthesis around the hair follicle to promote the growth of new hair.

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Clinical study-safe and effective treatment

PRP Hair Resotoration

Hair restoration with PRP

  • PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) this procedure uses your own blood. Blood is drawn by a certified practitioner, then isolating the platelet rich portion of your blood in a centrifuge, it is injected into the scalp. Clients will improve hair thinning and reduces hair loss.
  • Treatment  &photo consent required.
  • Health history & allergies information required.
  • Hair loss assessment and desired hair growth outcome discussed.
  • Treatment areas varies-top and front of head or full scalp. 
  • Prices applied as per your anatomy areas. 

Clinical study suggest 3 treatment  spaced 4 weeks apart. For best results 6 treatments recommended. Hair growth maintenance 1 treatment every 3 months suggested.

  • Small needle use to provide comfort. Cooling treatment available during procedure as needed.

PRP Hair restoration procedure

PRP Hair Restoration