Lip fillers, Lip augmentation & Lip injections

London, Ontario lip fillers, lip augmentation, and lip injections

The minimally invasive non-surgical lip augmentation also known as lip fillers or lip injections in London, Ontario is a very common choice for locals in London, Ontario and its surrounding areas. Lip fillers from Mujer Medical Spa in London, Ontario offers a temporary solution to prominent mouth lines and thinning lips. Non-surgical lip augmentation / lip fillers is achieved through the use of a dermal filler which is injected into different areas of the lip by a trained Mujer Medical staff member of London, Ontario. There are different types of dermal fillers in London, Ontario available for use in lip augmentation, lip fillers, or lip injections with some of the fillers also used in other types of facial cosmetic treatments.

Each dermal filler provide a similar degree of result, all helping to smooth the skin around the mouth, disguise the common signs of aging, and give the lips a boost in volume that can drastically change the appearance of the face in a natural and highly appealing way. Once the hyaluronic acid dermal filler has been injected into the skin area, it will gradually begin to support the tissues in the lip, enabling it to form a better and more voluminous shape to reduce thinness. During your initial consultation at Mujer Medical Span in London, Ontario a lip filler medical clinic each of the options for dermal fillers will be discussed and the best one selected for your individual needs.

In the majority of cases, the non-surgical lip augmentation / lip filler procedure in London, Ontario is very simple, quick, and safe. Commonly, a local or general anesthesia is used to numb the area where the injections will be. The places for injection will be marked, with the number of injections required depending on the patient, and what end result they wish to achieve.

After the area is prepared, the procedure is incredibly quick, lasting around an hour; with a little variation depending on the type of filler used and how many injections are needed. After the procedure is complete, most patients find that they are ready to leave the London Ontario Medi clinic very quickly, and even return to work on the same day.

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