1. Client consent signed required.

  2. Medical Health History and Allergies information will be collected by physician and nurse to assess if client suitable for treatment.
  3. Nurse injector will function under the general supervision of the supervising physician who is immediately available for consultation by telecommunication and is physically available as medically necessary.
  4. Post care treatment pamphlet will be given, clients encouraged to follow. 
  5. Two weeks post treatment follow up recommended.
  6. Mujer Medical Spa keep clients information private and confidential.
  7. All products use are explained and open in front of clients.
  8. Blood drawn an centrifuge use in front of clients.
  9. Botox contraindications: Pregnant or become pregnant or is a nursing woman, any person under 18 years old. Presence of infection at the injection site, individuals with known hypersensitivity to Botox or Xeomin ingredients. If you are schedule to have surgery using general anesthetic, if you are taken or likely to take antibiotics.
  10. Fillers Contraindications: Pregnant or becoming pregnant or is a nursing woman, any person under 18 years old, history of severe allergies, particularly bacterial protein, history of anaphylasix, hypersensitivity to some drugs and proteins. Presence of infection or inflammation at the injection site. History of Keloid scarring.