PRP Hair Treatment and Restoration

Offering the best PRP Hair Treatment and Restoration in London, Ontario Canada

Mujer Medical Spa of London, Ontario offers, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to treat thinning hair and hair loss in men and women. Platelet Rich Plasma also known as PRP in London, Ontario is the process of taking one's own blood, spinning it down to separate red blood cells (make up 93% of our blood) and platelets (make up 1% of our blood), to produce a solution made up of a high concentration of growth factors to be injected back into an individual's skin. Platelets are responsible for clotting to prevent us from bleeding, repair injured skin, and stimulate our own body's natural healing process. They are made of various growth factors that attract the correct types stem cells to heal the area of injury.


Mujer Medical Spa of London, Ontario utilizes the PRP system, to effectively and quickly remove all red blood cells (RBC) creating a solution to be injected in areas where hair loss and thinning has been determined. It is important to note that PRP done correctly, is not done in isolation. PRP is focused on making new stronger and healthier hair, not preventing loss.


Side effects are uncommon, as no foreign substances or containment are used during the session. The most common side effect is redness and scalp irritation that can be also accompanied by an itching sensation. This also can occur during the time in which new hair follicles are formed.


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